Voltaire's Works.
Voltaire started out witting poems and plays. Later he started to write political philosophy, history, religious criticism, and other literary activities. Voltaire wrote over 20,000 letters and over two thousand books and pamphlets in his life time .

Some of his works consist of Candide which is one of his most famous books. He wrote a lot of plays that were tragedies. Coligni ou la st. barthelemi which was published on 1740. Almost two decades later he wrote Candide which is one of his most popular books. The book was first published anonymously in 1759. Candide is a philosophical book by Voltaire published in Geneva in January 1759. It was reissued twenty times the lifetime of Voltaire making it one of the most successful French literary works. Voltaire published Henriade in 1723.Voltaire produced Zaire, one of his best plays in 1732.


An audio excerpt reading of Candide, one of Voltaire's well known works as well as a reading of Story of a Good Brahman